Gulal and Sweets: A perfect Combination for your holi party

Holi is the major fiesta of colors in India.It’s celebrated in every state of our country for varied reasons and religious beliefs. In the North it’s celebrated as Radha and krishna’s eternal love for eachother and in some region its celebrated as Lath Mar.
It’s also extensively celebrated for its folk lore about the prominent Asura king Hiranyakashipu and his son Prahlad who was a huge devotee of Lord Vishnu.Offended by his son he ordered his sister Holika who had a boon to repel fire to kill his son. When Holika stepped into the fire to kill Prahlad she got burned however Prahlad returned unscathed. To commemorate this legend, People light Holika to burn the Evil over the good and celebrate by offering sweets and play with colors the following day.
Holi is also the celebration which marks the end of winter and onset of summer hence it also plays a remarkable part for the agrarian season where the first crop is offered to god.
In the North people relish Gujjiyas, Malpua, Dahi Bhalla and Thandai whereas in Andhra Pradesh, people make fried dumplings made with sweetened coconut filling that are carved into balls, dipped into a rice and lentil batter, and also fried. In Bihar & Bengal, rich mutton curry is a Holi tradition. In Maharashtra, Holi falls generally around the time wheat, gram and sugarcane are gathered in India – the three high ingredients that go into Puran poli. It only makes sense that the recently gathered crops would make for ritualistic offerings and celebratory meals of the season
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