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Saraswati Laddu Depot was started in the year 1978. The industry started in a homely manner. Mr. Appa Kudtarkar is the owner of this industry. A few years later, the home industry was transformed into a small shop. This shop is located in Mahim (W)  Mumbai. We have Shop in front and factory at backside. Since there is a shop at the front and a factory at the back, the products made in the factory are sold fresh in the shop. He set up this business with the aim of making many excellent ladoo recipes and selling them at low prices in shops. His wife Mrs. Anandi Appa Kudtarkar has made a great contribution in this work. Gradually sweets and farsan were also included, with the sole aim of making the best foods available to all our customers at the lowest possible prices. So far we have included more than 100 items. Such as ladoo, sweets and farsan. We make ladoo every day and sweets are made one day and faral twice a week. We have launched an online store to cater to the needs of our well-wishers and reduce their labor. At www.saraswatiladudepot.com you can enjoy all the comforts of home.


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